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Can I work with my existing documents, music files, and photos?

Yes. Microsoft Office is available for the Mac, and Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files created on a Mac are fully compatible with Windows. Most other popular applications are available for the Mac, too. But if you need to use a particular Windows-only application, you have a few options: Boot Camp comes with every new Mac, and it lets you run Windows natively — as if your Mac were a PC. If you want to run Mac OS X and Windows side by side, you can purchase Parallels Desktop.

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Will my current email service work on a Mac?

Yes. You can access your current email in two ways: View web-based email — such as Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo! Mail — in the Safari web browser. Use the Mail application in Mac OS X Snow Leopard. Simply enter your email account information and you’re good to go. If you have email messages in Microsoft Outlook on your PC, you can transfer them to your Mac using inexpensive third-party software. No matter which method you choose, you can continue using your current email address.

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When is my iPod not eligible for the Out-of-warranty Battery Program?

Your iPod is not eligible for the Out-of-warranty Battery Program if a hardware failure is affecting a component of the iPod other than the battery, or if there is damage on the iPod resulting from accident, liquid damage, disassembly, unauthorized service and unauthorized modifications.

Please review Apple's Limited Warranty for further details. When a service is not covered under the Out-of-warranty Battery Replacement Program, Apple will return your original iPod.

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Vertical Accordion Demo

The accordion slider type has a tab with the title of the slide. This is the vertical version of the accordion type.



  • Shadow
  • Up-down arrows

Extra features:

  • Accordion Vertical type with blue theme


Originally we have 5 slider types and you get all with one purchase. But because of our layout manager and widget system you can technically create everything: frontpage slideshow, image slider, image gallery, carousel gallery, content slider/tabs, highlighted content, banner slider, vertical accordion slider, horizontal accordion slider, product slideshow, frequently asked questions(faq) box, portfolio etc.