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Our name is Nextend.

We’re two enthusiastic guys from Hungary.

Our philosophy is to create buzz in the WordPress and Joomla community with our innovative designed, lightweight, impulsive and engaging ideas. We love helping people. Premium quality extensions and plugins! If you are looking for a creative agency then you've come to the right place. Be prepared for Nextend softwares!

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The most prestigious and powerful super-hero team in the world.

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Why others developpers do not do like Nextend? Smart Slider 2 is PERFECT fast, robust and flexible and the support is AMAZING! Thank you!

There's a saying, 'Don't just be great, be exceptional.' Well, the team at Nextend has done just that. This Smart Slider is so incredibly powerful, it's worth every penny.

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Extremely powerful features

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Experience the total control over the design and the setting of the slider.

Real Time Stats

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Any device, anywhere

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Modify anything easily

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Simple (layer animation)

This is a very easy way to create something really amazing. Take a good picture as a background and just start to drag and drop the items, finally add an animation for each layer. The first slide contains two button items with Cyan and inverse Cyan style. Also the brushstroke is behind the Nextend text, which is also an intresting effect. The second slide contains a lot fade items the teammembers and the social network images. The title is three layer and the middle one's font is a bit special. The glowing pin on the fourth slider is a special item and you can create cool effects with it. In addition the autoplay has stopped if you click on the area of the slider.



  • Transition arrow with color change
  • Big circle bullets with thumbnails
  • Stripe indicator on the bottom of the slider

Extra features:

  • Fixed background
  • Layer animations


Originally we have 5 slider types and you get all with one purchase. But because of our layout manager and widget system you can technically create everything: frontpage slideshow, image slider, image gallery, carousel gallery, content slider/tabs, highlighted content, banner slider, vertical accordion slider, horizontal accordion slider, product slideshow, frequently asked questions(faq) box, portfolio etc.