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Color is more than just a hue. It expresses a feeling. Makes a statement. Declares an allegiance. Color reveals your personality. iPhone 5c, in five anything-but-shy colors, does just that. It’s not just for lovers of color. It’s for the colorful.

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Every inch an iPad.

Right from the start, there’s a lot to love about iPad. It’s simple yet powerful. Thin and light yet full-featured. It can do just about everything and be just about anything. And because it’s so easy to use, it’s easy to love.

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iPhone 5s is purposefully imagined. Meticulously considered. Precision crafted. It’s not just a product of what’s technologically possible. But what’s technologically useful.
It’s not just what’s next. But what should be next.

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with retina display

A groundbreaking Retina display. All-flash architecture. The fastest mobile processors. Remarkably thin and light 13‑inch and 15‑inch designs. Together, these features take the notebook to a place it’s never been. And they’ll do the same for everything you create with it.

Full Page Demo

The main object of the full page demo slider is to fill out the whole space. The best part of this slider is the total focus, because this slider won't start until you click on the next button. Of course you can always scroll up or down from the full size position, but if you start an interaction with the slider, then it will fill out the whole monitor size. Of course this slider has a vertical version too, in those demo if you scroll, then it goes down.



  • Image arrow
  • Pie autoplay indicator on the top right corner
  • Circle bullet with inner shadow

Extra features:

  • Full page slider type
  • Layer animation
  • Play first animation


Originally we have 5 slider types and you get all with one purchase. But because of our layout manager and widget system you can technically create everything: frontpage slideshow, image slider, image gallery, carousel gallery, content slider/tabs, highlighted content, banner slider, vertical accordion slider, horizontal accordion slider, product slideshow, frequently asked questions(faq) box, portfolio etc.